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Shepherd Students Collect Food For Community And Classmates

Students are reaching out to help their classmates, making sure they, and others, don’t go hungry.      

Students at the Shepherd Middle and High Schools are collecting food.

It will go to the Mt. Pleasant Salvation Army and help some of their own.

So far they have collected more than three thousand canned and boxed goods for the drive.

Throughout the week, students were given incentives like extended lunches if they brought something in.

They are also taking donations for their food assistance program.

The programs allow the school to provide bags of food for students in need while they are home for spring break.

“I think it’s good for the community because it’s helping people who might not need help and it’s really easy for kids to bring in a couple cans to help out. I think it’s really cool seeing everybody come together and helping out anything little you can do to help out it goes a long ways,” says Nicholas Raymond, High School student.

Shepherd schools are always accepting food donations to help students and the community.

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