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Mount Pleasant Commissioners Discuss Upcoming Medical Marijuana Law Changes

Promo Image: Mount Pleasant Commissioners Discuss Upcoming Medical Marijuana Law Changes

A local community, opening the door for discussion into several different types of medical marijuana facilities.

The Mount Pleasant City and Planning Commission went over a presentation about the changing medical marijuana laws.

It was the first step in deciding if the city wants to allow dispensaries.

Dozens of people packed into the Mount Pleasant City Hall to hear about five different kinds of medical marijuana facilities.

"It’s nothing more than an extension of a very complex thing," said a commissioner.

Commissioners in Mount Pleasant, hearing from the city attorney about changes to laws surrounding medical marijuana.

"There are no dispensaries allowed in Mount Pleasant right now, but the new state law that goes into effect in December allows 5 different kinds of facilities whether they want to opt in to the facilities," said Nancy Ridley.

The first step, discussing whether they wanted to get more information. The categories up for debate are growers, processors, provisioning centers, secure transporters and safety compliance facilities. Several people stepped up to the podium sharing their support while others voiced concerns.

"We need to hone in on it make it pure. Let’s not have Jim’s blend number one and Todd’s blend number three we need to make sure we have more control. Again I’m not here for one way or the other I just want to look at some options," said a meeting attendee.

While others, like medical marijuana card holder Harrison Stoolmiller, hopes it goes through so he has easier access to his prescription.

"When I have to go get my medicine I have to go all the way to East Lansing or Lansing so it makes a 2 hour trip to go get my medicine, but I go a couple times a month," Harrison said.

Commissioners did decide to setup a task force to gather more information. They are set to meet back in the fall.