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Fire Destroys Harbor Springs Home

Promo Image: Fire Destroys Harbor Springs Home

We have more details on a fire that destroyed an Emmet County home.

Fire crews were called out a little after three Monday afternoon on Hughston Road in Harbor Springs.

The Harbor Springs fire chief says no one was hurt and the owner was at work when it happened.

He adds that if this had been a different season, it may have ended up much differently.

“Had it been spring, you know, when there’s no snow or anything on the ground, this could’ve easily turned into a different situation, as far as a wildfire, a grass fire going through the woods with dry conditions. We are fortunate enough that there’s enough snow on the ground so things are still wet enough now not to spread through the woods,” John Cupps.

The fire chief says at this point, all signs point to the chimney as what sparked the fire.

The house is destroyed.