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Traverse City Businesses Looking To Hire For Upcoming Busy Season

With the official start spring less than two weeks away, businesses in Traverse City are getting ready to hire for their busy season.

9&10’s Taylor Jones checked in with a few businesses Sunday.

“Each year gets a little harder. There are a lot less people dropping off applications,” says Chris Day, Executive Chef at Poppycock’s Restaurant.

Which is why some businesses in Traverse City are getting a head start on hiring people for their spring and summer season.

“The amount of people that come into Traverse City, it’s just wild and if we tried to do that with our winter staff, we couldn’t keep up with it. We are basically going to try to start hiring now for the summertime. We probably don’t get really busy until June or July, but you have to start bringing in people now because it’s getting harder each year to find people,” says Day.

Poppycock’s restaurant in downtown says it’s getting more difficult to find summer workers, which is why they’re starting now.

“The cost of living in Traverse City is high and people can’t afford to work here,” says Day.

Horizon Books is also getting a head start on hiring.

“Part of that is hiring and looking at a good strong staff by the time summer rolls around, which is a peak time for us. We have some part time positions now and are interviewing currently,” says Amy Reynolds, Manager at Horizon Books.

Manager Amy Reynolds says without enough help, their store, along with others, lose business.

“I think if you can’t get to people in a timely fashion and if you don’t know your business, you’re going to just simply lose sales. People won’t wait if you don’t have the trained sales staff that can put the book in a customer’s hand,” says Reynolds.

Businesses encourage everyone to get in applications in early.

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