High Winds In Leelanau County Leave Several Down Lines, Trees In Roadways

In Leelanau County high winds didn’t just keep people without power, it kept them off the roads.

Down trees and power lines made some roads dangerous.

9&10’s Megan Woods continues our team coverage on how first responders are keeping up.

“You definitely hear the waves roaring the trees cackling together.”

People like Len Beyers in Leelanau County woke up to the sound of blasting winds.

He says, “A big branch came down in our yard that kind of shook the house that was a little nerve wracking.”

The same harsh gusts prompted dozens of 911 calls. The director of Leelanau County 911 and Emergency Management Matt Ansorge says Tuesday they took 65 wind-related complaints and had to temporarily close at least six roads.

“Power lines that were arcing and sparking that were causing fire either in the tree and then we also had a tree onto an unoccupied residence so nobody was injured but we were able to have first responders go over to address the situation.”

Those without power Tuesday, like Len Beyers say they’ll survive.

“Thankfully we have a wood stove so if it gets too cold tonight we can build a fire, stay warm. I checked on the neighbor lady, surprising she has power right across the street, but we don’t.”

Matt Ansorge says there’s more you can do.

“What would go a long way in these short term power outages is having a full bathtub. That way they can use that to flush toilets and wash their hands and all that good stuff without running the pump and the faucets so little things like that can go a long way.”

Ansorge also says if you see a down power line or trees in the roadway, call 911 and stay at least 25 feet away from a down line.