Weidman Heroes Read With Elementary School Students

Some elementary school students, getting a lesson in reading with their local heroes.

Second, third and fourth grade students spent their time in class with firefighters, a nurse and a retired teacher.

It was all to celebrate National Reading Month at Weidman Elementary School in Isabella County.

Some of the students say they were a little nervous heading into the start of the day, but as soon as they sat down with their local heroes that all changed.

"Gives the children something to look forward to and learn," said John Blankenship.

The sounds of reading filled the air at Weidman Elementary School. This was no ordinary lesson.

"We are always looking for ways to encourage students to read and to motivate them and to show them reading can be enjoyable. And to have their heroes come in and read to them shows how important it is," said Starr Lederer.

Students read stories with their local heroes.

"They get to see us outside of our normal firefighter turnout and gear and that we aren’t as scary as we might look and they can relate to us a little bit and we can talk to them about some of the things we do," said John Blankenship.

At first some of the kids didn’t quite know what to make of their fill-in teachers.

"I had never been around them before the fireman and I’m not used to being around them," said one of the students.

But once they got started…

"It felt special," another student said.

The students left with one reading lesson they won’t forget anytime soon.

"At the beginning of the year I probably thought this wasn’t going to happen and I’m happy," said one student.

"Thank you so much for providing us with this opportunity. Taking the day off to spend with our students and show them how important reading is," said Starr Lederer.