Traverse City In The Running For National ‘Strongest Town’ Competition

Traverse City is competing against 15 communities across the nation this month, in a different kind of March Madness competition.

Traverse City is in the running for the national nonprofit competition, Strongest Town.

9&10’s Sarah Grimmer explains what Strongest Town is and how you can help Traverse City win!

“It seems like it’s part of the DNA here, everybody is involved,” says East Bay Township Planner, Rick Brown.

Tight-knit, upbeat and charming; Traverse City is being recognized in a national competition regarding their strength as a town.

“Strong Towns is an organization out of Minnesota, it’s a national organization they investigate what makes cities sustainable, financially, culturally, and environmentally,” says Traverse City Commissioner, Gary Howe.

Traverse City Commissioner Gary Howe, says the city has been chosen based on many factors.

One being finances.

“We try to calculate our return on investment when we do any public project we try to make sure that it’s sustainable long term in terms of can it pay for itself can it pay for its replacement,” Howe explains.  

Another strong suit of the town?

Its spirit.

“You know the passion that we have in the community for being engaged in whatever projects both public and private we you know we do value that as well,” adds Howe.

So what does the winner of the competition receive?

“And then the winner gets an actual event where a person that is very knowledgeable on small towns, comes to your community and meets with the community,” says Brown

It’s all part of a bigger plan to keep the community growing while staying true to who they are.

“Helping Traverse City grow in the right way where we have an influx of people and new ideas and new opportunities, while at the same time preserving what we all love about it in terms of its you know smaller atmosphere but it’s connected to a much larger world,” says Howe

Voting for the competition is done in brackets based off March Madness.

Thursday is the final day of voting for the first round, Traverse City is facing off against York, Pennsylvania.

If you’d like to vote you have until 11 p.m. Thursday night.