Drivers, Snow Plow Companies React On Dealing With Slick Roads

“A bunch of snow! People slipping and sliding. Just non-stop snow. It’s crazy.”

Initial reactions from drivers once again dealing with snow, ice and low visibility.

“You had to slow down. 10-15 miles slower than the speed limit and that was fine. We knew we were driving into. It’s Michigan weather, so that’s what you expect,” Jim Xenakis said.

Across Northern Michigan, dispatchers have reported runoffs since early Wednesday afternoon. Their biggest advice, just take it slow. Which is what safe drivers say they’re doing.

“I always slow down in this weather. I was driving the speed limit going to Wolverine this morning, the roads were dry, there was no snow. Coming back, I don’t think I went over 45 miles an hour and just took my time,” Lawrence Larson said.

And it’s the constant snowfall that gives snow plow companies like Total Lawn Care a full day’s work.

“We get done with one job and it’s full of snow and can be done again. But we’ve just been going through our list and going back through and doing it again,” Molly Lindholm, Total Lawn Care said.  

“We’ll be up at 2:00 a.m, started at ten. Hopefully I’ll be done in the next hour or two and can get some sleep,” Lindholm said.

Slick roads, mixed with constant snowfall…making for poor visibility and some white outs. All reasons to be watchful of others out on the road.

“Always have your eyes open, and people just need to watch for us too because we’re trying to get our job done to make their lives easier,” Lindholm said.

Even though the snow is expected to taper off overnight, expect roads to be slick Thursday morning.   

The Gaylord superintendent says they are allowed to apply for extra days from the state if they need to.