MTM On The Road: Paczki Production at the Blue Heron Cafe in Cadillac

Need a reason to indulge? Today’s the day, gluttonous friends. Fat Tuesday, also known as Karnival, Mardi Gras or Faschings, is traditionally a Christian practice before the somber season of Lent. Here in the Midwest, Paczki Day is observed regardless of faith background. Thanks to our many Polish communities surrounding Detroit and Chicago, we celebrate the paczki every year on Fat Tuesday. The pastry is relatable to a jelly or cream-filled donut but comes in at almost four times the amount of calories. Why? Due to the traditional fasting practices of Lent, families would purge their homes of lard, sugar and eggs the day before the religious observance and turn the "off-limit" ingredients into one delicious, final hoorah. Today we join the Blue Heron Cafe in Cadillac where paczki production is in full gear!

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