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Boyne Highlands Reacts to Emmet County Man Sentenced for Causing Fire at Resort

Boyne Highlands Resort is still dealing with the aftermath of the fire that damaged 150 of their rooms at the Main Lodge in December.

The lobby, Slopeside Lounge and almost 80 rooms have been reopened.

The Highlands is still waiting on a final determination of whether they will have to bulldoze part of the Main Lodge and rebuild.

The court says the financial impact has been upwards of $3.6 million dollars.

The personal impact has hit the resort even harder.

"The people that were affected, it’s years that they’ll be dealing with this, forever for many of us," Boyne Highlands Resort president and general manager Mike Chumbler said. "This piece is done, but it’s certainly not forgotten."

Skiing operations at Boyne Highlands were not affected by the fire.

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