Mount Pleasant Artist’s Work Recognized Across The Globe

It’s an international language that often times requires no words at all, art.

This week one of Mount Pleasant’s own returns home after showcasing his work in Paris, France.

More than 2,000 international artists gathered at the Grand Palace in Paris this month, but local artist, Al Wildey’s pieces were the only ones of their kind.

 Dense, impressionistic, and layered.

Central Michigan University art professor, Al Wildey, returns from Paris this month after showcasing his new form of photography.

“Based upon previous research and some research I saw other artists doing, I thought I would like to put a camera in my car mount it forward looking on the review mirror and take pictures as I went down the highway,” says Wildey.

His first time out he took 300 linear photographs to create one new image, fascinated with the outcome he says he continued to experiment, “I then started to experiment with variations of those where instead of making photographs as I walked forward, as I walked forward I would make photographs of the fronts the facades of buildings and merge those.”

The product, he says, was ghost like, “So it’s a t-shirt and you can see that there’s shoulders there, but there’s no head so I removed the head so that you can see through parts of it, so I can emphasize and deemphasize different things, and I do that now.”

Dublin, Manhattan, and Mount Pleasant, three photographs that gained special attention in Paris, France.

More specifically the Art Capital at the Grand Palace.

“Lots and lots of people come you know  a lot of people walk through It was a great opportunity for me to meet artists and to meet people interested in art,” says Wildey.

“I get to bring it home and apply a lot of what I’ve done in the classroom as well so my students will benefit from it too.”

Wildey says there’s nothing too complicated about his art, it’s simply digital photographs on aluminum, and the meaning is in the eye of the beholder; “Sometimes you’ll see something a person will see something in there that is part of one of those layers and sometimes they just see what they wanna see, and that’s okay!”

Wildey says he is hoping to gain more international opportunities from his time in Paris.

If you’re interested in seeing more of his work click here.