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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: The Twisted Fish Gallery

Jack’s Journal: The Twisted Fish Gallery

They say it’s all in the eye of the beholder… art, that is. 

Along the highway outside of Elk Rapids sits a gallery with a pretty good self-image:

“I tend to jump at things, as opposed to doing a lot of analysis. If you do an analysis on owning a gallery, you’ll never open a gallery,” says Bob Steit.

The name? Oh, that comes from a piece out in the garden, The Twisted Fish.

Inside it’s about focusing on quality that is fun.  Bob and his family open the gallery for all sorts of uses.

His goal is to expose you to what’s on display.

“It’s been lots of fun. We’ve gotten to know hundreds of artists. People think we know what we are talking about, so we kind of enjoy that,” explains Bob.

John Goss is a local artist who has been with the gallery for a long time, and his nature art is a beautiful highlight.

“John is fabulous. He can take a piece of metal rod and a torch and bend it and turn it like you are drawing a line with a pencil,” says Bob.

Bob loves art and his gallery along the highway, and he wants everyone to love it, too. 

No one should be disappointed in his theory, so he has the unusual “try it before you buy it plan”.

“We really want to work with people. We are willing to let you take art home and try it. If it doesn’t work, bring it back,” explains Bob.

Not all art is inside.  In warmer weather, you can stroll the grounds and enjoy art in its natural setting.