Isabella County Community Bands Together For Children’s Safety

Many of our childhood memories involve fun-filled days playing outside with neighborhood friends.

Now the community of Weidman in Isabella County is making sure their kids have a safe place to make those memories.

Families in Weidman are taking it upon themselves to make their community safer, and more inviting.

It all starts with a new playground.

Weidman Elementary student, Mallory Nelson says, “I would really want one because this one, I like it but it would be better if we had a new one and with more stuff. I’m really excited!”

And that seems to be the general sentiment.

Weidman mom, Traci Unger says, their old rust-covered playground was taken down this summer because of safety concerns.

Now all that’s left for kids to play on is an old swing set, “Well we currently go and use a playground at a neighboring community because it’s just not here for us. We would like it to be more inviting to families, get picnic tables and benches and where you know you could come and spend the afternoon here.”

But now Traci says, the community has a plan, “We’re gonna start with the fundraiser we have we are working on applying for our 501c3 to be able to give back to people who give to us.”

The 501c3 would classify Project Playground as a non-profit and make it tax-exempt.

It also means donations are tax-deductible. 

Unfortunately the process of applying costs money, enter step one of the program’s plan.

“We’re gonna approach local businesses to try and get donations either monetary or during our fundraiser,” says Traci.

“We’ll have a live and silent auction which we’re looking for donations for and just also help that day too with the fundraiser.”

Traci says all of the work will be worth it when children like her son Max can feel safe and care-free when playing in their own neighborhood, “This is something that we’re hoping to get in and have here for a long time to benefit generations to come.”

Their first fundraiser to raise money for it will be a silent auction and nacho bar this April.

If you’d like to help the kids have access to a safer play area before then click here.