Cadillac Group Uses Ice Shanty To Raise Money For Those In Need

A Cadillac group is using an ice shanty to raise money for those in need.

This year marks the 10th of the Cadillac Lions Club’s Sink The Shack On Lake Cadillac competition.

Every winter the club puts an ice shanty on Lake Cadillac and takes predictions of when the shack will sink.

The person who guesses the closest time to when the shack sinks wins $1,000, 2nd place wins $200.

All proceeds from the competition goes to helping buy glasses and hearing aids to those in need-

Cadillac Lions Club Secretary, Tim Anderson says, “It makes a big difference, a lot of our requests come for children going to school, a lot of it comes from the elderly, and glasses without my glasses, I couldn’t work and imagine someone whose going through work right now and their glasses break. If they don’t have the funds to get their glasses repaired, they have a hard time going to work or even driving to work.”

It’s $5 for two tickets to the competition, the deadline to enter is February 28.