Kingsley Students Celebrate Digital Learning Day with New Technology

Students at Kingsley Elementary School are celebrating Digital learning Day with new technology.

For the past two years, fourth graders in Mrs. Trowbridge’s class have been learning about coding on Chrome books.

This week, the students have also started using Dash robots.

Teachers say it’s important to set aside time in the classroom for digital learning.

It helps students with problem solving and computer science skills.  

“If we give kids the opportunity to explore computer sciences now in elementary and middle school they’ll be more adapt to try to pursue professions in the computer sciences,” says Sara Trowbridge, fourth grader teacher at Kingsley Elementary School.

“It’s fun because you get to create obstacle courses and code them to do fun things,” says Mara VanWagner, fourth grader at Kingsley Elementary School.

Century, Inc. also announced they’ll be donating a Dash robot to every fourth grade classroom at Kingsley.