Traverse City Students Make Galaxy-Wide Impact With Science

Traverse City students are making a galaxy-wide impact with science.

Today the International Space Station is receiving a science experiment from four Traverse City West Senior high school students.

One of the group members, Sam Church was on site at the Kennedy Space Center’s launch complex 39 in Florida as NASA launched the project into space on Sunday.

The experiment is one of 21 in the entire country selected by the Student Space Flight Experiment program and is researching the growth of blue-green algae in space.

Traverse City West Junior, Hayden Holmes says, “The algae could be used for breathing it produces oxygen, it could be used for food because its edible, and it could be used for power because it does produce some hydrogen as we found out in our research. So we’re hoping that it would grow more up there so that we could have more oxygen, more hydrogen, more food down here.”

Participation in the project was made possible through a grant from the Michigan Stem partnership.