Mesick Propane Delivery Driver Not Hurt in Rollover on Icy Back Road

This week-long warm-up is creating dangerous conditions on some back roads.

This morning, a Coyne Oil propane truck lost control on 10 ½ Mile Rd. north of Mesick in Wexford County, rolling over.

No propane leaked.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Derrick Larr were at the scene.

He continues our team weather coverage with how changing conditions are challenging truck drivers.


Icy, muddy back roads made out of dirt and gravel, coupled with hills, create a treacherous drive for anyone.

But as truck drivers know — the bigger the truck, the harder the fall.

“The road is just an ice skate rink,” says Mike Guernsey, Buckley Fire Chief, pointing to 10 ½ Mile Rd.

…And propane trucks are not light.

The Buckley Fire Chief says it could’ve ended worse but an icy glaze did not help.

“The driver was able to get out, unhurt, shut off all the valves so everything was good and safe,” Guernsey says. "Just a bad road. On the south side of the road here, it’s 25, 30-foot pine trees so they are blocking the sun from melting the road off so it’s just ice."

“We were actually lying in bed and heard something coming up the road and all of a sudden bang,” says Aaron Bowers, who woke up to the sound of the accident.

Aaron and his wife could see the crash from their window.

He says 10 ½ Mile Rd. is causing problems for more than just propane deliveries…

“You have to pretty much back up, get a running start just to make it up the hill,” Bowers says. “You can’t stop. That’s actually what happened a couple of weeks ago when my wife got stuck over here. She was on one side of the road and the other guy was coming from the opposite side and he ended up going in the ditch trying to miss her."

Truck driving instructor Jeff Boyer at Pinnacle Truck Driving School says "Frost Laws" help keep truckers safe.

“It means 35 miles per hour and you are limited to how much you can haul, weight-wise,” Boyer says. “There’s a lot of ruts in the road this time of year, washouts on the gravel roads, we’re talking. You have to go slow."

The propane truck driver was not hurt.

He was able to get out on his own and prevent the tanker from leaking.