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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Curling

Jack’s Journal: Curling

It’s winter in Northern Michigan and sometimes you have to be creative to keep things from getting dull!

“Well, ya know, we are always looking for something fun to do in the winter around here. You gotta stay active in the winter and find something to keep you moving, keeps the blood pumping. Keeps you out of hibernation,” says Keirsun Scott, Stormcloud Brewing.

So discussion over a few brews led someone to suggest curling. A consensus was reached and they set about the task.

An open lot next to the brewery seemed logical, so they built an elevated sheet of ice. That had to take some engineering!

“It did, actually. The funny thing is, it comes apart, we take it apart and put it back together,” says Scott.

So play they do. A league was formed and its season will be wrapping up next weekend, if the weather permits. They also have lessons.

The playing surface is not an official length.  The stones are also smaller to compensate for the shorter court.  Otherwise, all rules are the same. 

The TC Curling Club sent over some ambassadors to teach the game and some tricks, like rubber bands for your feet. It helps stability, I’m told. The locals have taken to it.

“Oh, it’s been great.  Questions galore. Sometimes we have a crowd standing on the sidewalk watching curlers on the sheet,” says Scott. “Not something you see every day, especially in a downtown environment.”