Central Michigan University Helping Test Special Coats For Homeless

Central Michigan University students and staff are helping the homeless.

But it’s not through a food drive, or by raising money, it’s actually the brain child of the fashion marketing program.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was on CMU’s campus to check out the two in one coat that helps people stay warm.

“I think it’s great when you can make difference for someone else and I think by doing this at a low cost we were able to provide the testing service that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to,” says Susanne Wroblebski, Research Lab Coordinator.

Students and staff in the fashion merchandising department at CMU have been working on a project with Detroit’s Empowerment Plan to improve their coat that converts into a sleeping bag, made specifically for homeless to stay warm.

“We are helping them understand the insulating properties of the coat and the sleeping bag, It’s a convertible, it goes back and forth so that someone can use it in the day as a coat and in the evening as a sleeping bag, so we help them understand the interaction between the clothing and the sleeping bag and how well it would protect someone from cool air,” says Wroblebski.

CMU does testing with a high tech mannequin where they are able to control body temperature and sweat rate. They then put it in an environmental chamber

“We can create any environmental conditions so we’re able to make it extremely cold warm and control the moisture humidity in the air,” Wrobleski,

Perfect for testing the coat in realistic winter conditions. Students working on the project say getting to help someone in need while doing what they love is a great combination.

“I want to do something for mankind and I think this is a really good project and the people who actually started for something like that, I think it’s is a very good initiative,” Sabrina Marsha, student.