Mike Dubke Expected To Be Named White House Communications Director

President Trump’s administration is still working on taking its full shape, with more appointments and cabinet confirmations on the horizon.

Announced Friday morning, Crossroads Media founder Mike Dubke is expected to be named as White House Communications Director.

Additionally, General Scott Pruitt’s nomination for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator is under Senate consideration Friday morning, while Mick Mulvaney was sworn in as the director of the White House budget office on Thursday.

But the president is still having trouble finding a new national security advisor after his replacement pick, retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward turned down the job due to disagreements about staffing.

The president also announced Alexander Acosta will be his new nominee for labor secretary, replacing Andrew Puzder, who took himself out of the running on Wednesday.

But aside from all his work to put his administration together, the president is still fighting to reinstate his controversial executive order on immigration.

President Trump says he plans to roll out a new executive order after his previous temporary travel ban was suspended by a federal court and upheld on appeal.

His new executive order is expected to be tailored specifically to the court’s decision.

He plans to sign it next week.