Fiery Car Crash In Ogemaw Co: Good Samaritan Helps Victims To Safety

A driver was pulled from a fiery crash in Ogemaw County Thursday.

The Ogemaw County sheriff’s department tells us the driver of a semi-truck swerved to avoid an oncoming van on M-55.

The truck flipped and caught fire, the van hit it head-on.

An unidentified good Samaritan is being credited with helping the victims before emergency crews arrived.

Both drivers and a passenger in the semi were taken to local hospitals and are recovering Thursday.

“Usually with vehicles of that size going up against a smaller vehicle, it’s usually not this way. People usually aren’t being transported out of here, they’re usually staying on scene because of how serious the injuries are and not walking away,” Dep. Joseph Adams, Ogemaw Co. Sherriff’s Dept. said.

Deputies are still investigating what may have caused the crash.