East Jordan Woman Gives safeTALKS

It’s one of the leading causes of death and it’s 100% preventable.

Nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year.

The United Way in Gaylord put on a class to help people learn what they can do to reach out and help.     

Four years ago Lisa Clavier’s daughter, Kiersten killed herself.

“She had some devastating circumstances actually things she perceived as devastating,” says Lisa.

“Maybe an outsider looking in wouldn’t have thought they were so big, but for her they seemed like a lot and became overwhelming for her one evening.”

A teenager, suddenly gone in one night.

Lisa says Kiersten’s loss impacted the entire East Jordan community, “Utterly devastating. It’s really hard but we worked really hard at doing our best to move forward honoring her life by doing good things in her memory and to help other people.”

Lisa started the nonprofit, Kiersten’s Ride.

Now she’s trying to get people safeTALK certified in Kiersten’s name and share the message all over.

SafeTALK teaches people to use four basic, simple steps of telling someone in pain:

1. What you’re concerned about

2. Why you’re concerned

3. Asking if they’re thinking about suicide

4. Really listening to them and then connecting them with someone who can keep them safe

Four lifesaving steps that Lisa says, can make a world of difference, “Incredible, could you imagine if one life is saved by a class it would be worth 5,000 classes; but the truth is, we don’t even know how many lives could possibly be saved by it and suicide prevention to me is something to get excited about because it’s about saving lives.”

Lisa encourages everyone to attend a safeTALK class so more people can reach out to those in pain and relay the message, “It’s always okay to ask for help. If you’re struggling you are worth asking for help and you are worth receiving it.”

Lisa is teaching more in depth suicide awareness classes this year, for that information click here.