Day Without Immigrants Nationwide Protests Impacts Traverse City Businesses

Immigration activists are hoping to hit Washington policy makers in their stomachs.

"Day without Immigrants" protests are popping up in Detroit and cities all across the country Thursday.

 The idea is to show what America would look like without the contributions of immigrants.

 This includes foreign-born people not going to work, school or shopping as a way to show how immigrants bolster the U.S. economy.

Businesses and factories in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Chicago are closed it’s having an impact on places like T.C. Latino Grocery. They pick up several different food items including their number one seller, tortillas, in Grand Rapids every Thursday and supply it to several restaurants in town. The grocery store’s owner, Adolfo Mendez says, “So my customers that come in Saturday and Sunday they come in looking for the tortillas for one week and what I say, I’m sorry we don’t have maybe come in Monday because we don’t have.”

The marches come after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement carried out a series of immigration raids last week.

Homeland Security says 75% of the people arrested were here illegally with a criminal record.