Cadillac Businesses Look To Hire For Upcoming Spring Rush

Winter weather is starting to heat up and according to businesses in Cadillac so is the job market.

“This time of year we’re starting to keep our feelers out and start looking for employees,” says Cadillac’s Serendipity Owner, Michele Bosscher.

“Gearing up for spring we need to bring more people on so about this time of year, you know, you don’t want to wait until last minute.”

As the population in Cadillac begins to climb, Clam Lake Manager Mike Filkins says businesses need extra hands to keep up, “I think you know obviously more people coming into town and more opportunities for family’s to relocate, I think that’s the biggest issue that’s allowing Cadillac to continue to grow, it’s been really exciting to see.”

Local entrepreneurs do have some tips for those looking to join the work force.

Filkins advises, “Get out there and you now talk to people. It doesn’t have to be, even if there isn’t a help wanted sign in the window and you feel like you’d be a good asset to the business, don’t be afraid to step in and introduce yourself, drop off a resume.”

Because employers say the moment your foot’s in the door, the interviews already begun.

“If you stop in for an application, be dressed the part, be serious about it don’t come in with all your friends, so to me that doesn’t show you’re real serious,” says Bosscher.

“If you’re seriously looking for a job we wanna see that.”

Cadillac may be a small town, but according to brewery manager Filkins, there’s nothing pint-size about the city’s business, “I’ve met people from all over and  they’re pleasantly surprised with Cadillac and that’s always, it’s almost like getting a compliment ya know? Small town, but we you know, we got a lot of hidden gems here.”

Even if there isn’t a help sign in the window, many local business owners say they’re always open to new help, it just takes workers coming into shop and making that first step toward a new career.