Elderly Rose City Couple Found Dead After House Fire

"It would be a horrible way to lose a loved one, no matter what."

An elderly couple found dead next to one another inside an Ogemaw County home.  

Fire crews were called to a fire there early Tuesday morning.

Ernest Foor called 911 after the fire started in the kitchen area.

When fire crews put out the fire, they found Ernest and his wife, Genevieve, did not survive.

Ernest made the call around 2 Tuesday morning that a fire started in their Rose City home.

When crews from Rose City and Lupton got to the house at 2 a.m. all they saw was fire pouring from the windows.

When they forced their way in — it was too late.

“We just can’t help but to feel devastated for the family that survived," says Lt. Chris Luty.

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Chris Luty says it was a call from 91-year-old Ernest Foor that started the emergency response.

"When the fire department arrived, the house was fully engulfed," says Lt. Luty.

Fire crews were forced to break through the back of the home to get to the Foors.

Then, they made a tragic discovery.

"Once the flames were put out and we were able to make entry into the house, we discovered a 91-year-old male and an 89-year-old female," explains Lt. Luty. "Right now, we don’t have an exact cause of the fire but we believe that it started in the kitchen area."

We have reached out to the family, but have not heard back from them yet.

Lt. Luty says it is a difficult time for them and the community.

"An incident of this magnitude always has an impact on the community. It would be a horrible way to lose a loved one, no matter what," says Lt. Luty.

We spoke with people living around the Foors’ home who did not want to go on camera.

They say the couple mostly kept to themselves.

State police say the cause of the fire will remain undetermined.