Traverse City Planner Goes Car-Free For Public Transportation

A Traverse City Transportation Planner ditched his car to learn more about the wants and needs of public transportation users.

Bay Area Transportation Authority Planner, Tyler Bevier went car-free for the month of January to better understand BATA services and BATA riders.

The transportation expert says it was nice to not have to plan for parking and gas however he did run into some problems when running errands.

Lack of car space and time flexibility made carrying bags and planning shopping trips a little more difficult.

Bevier says he also noticed a need for route improvements, “It’s so much easier to go from North and South if you wanna go downtown but going East and West like a car in our region is more difficult on a bus. So try to look at different ways we can address the East-West gap in the transit network to make it a little more user friendly.”

The Transportation Planner encourages locals to try going car-free for even one day a week and you might be surprised how convenient it can be.