Shepherd Police Department Receives Grant For New Body Cameras

A local police department received a grant that will replace a very important piece of equipment.

The Shepherd Police Department received 16 hundred dollars to replace two body cameras at the department.

They’re getting the grant from the Michigan Township Participating Plan.

The money will cover the two body cameras, and the software that goes with them.

Police say with technology constantly changing, the money helps tremendously.

“Body cameras are something that in the year 2017, they aren’t just a luxury anymore. A lot of places, they are a must, to make sure we are keeping our officers safe and keeping the people we protect and serve safe as well. Like anything with technology, things get smaller as time goes on. The technology gets better and so we’re going to be cutting down on the size of what we have to wear tremendously because there’s a lot of things we wear in a day to day basis,” says Chief Luke Sawyer, Shepherd Police Department.

The Shepherd Police Department hopes to have the new body cameras in the next couple of weeks.