Northern Michigan Schools Receive School Safety Grant Money

Some big grants coming to schools in Northern Michigan, all for safety and security upgrades.

Monday, Michigan State Police announced which schools will get a share of $2,000,000 and several Northern Michigan school districts were on the list.

Plans range from installing electronic locks to adding extra safety features to classroom doors.

These are upgrades schools have wanted to make for several years.

Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency is getting $120,000 in grant money. They’ll be putting electronic locks on doors and adding the Nightlock Lockdown system to doors throughout their buildings.

“Every one of our buildings is a little bit different and every one of our building needs a little bit different of a treatment. So we said there’s no real silver bullet for student safety and we really need to evaluate every single building,” said Superintendent Dr. Lori Tubbergen Clark.

Northern Michigan Christian School in McBain is getting about $37,000 for an electronic security system on all of their doors.

“One of the things we are most concerned about are student safety and that will allow us to monitor student and parents visitors coming in and out of the school in a much easier way,” said Superintendent Dirk Walhout

Right now at NMC, when someone wants to get inside they have to buzz into the central office and say their name before they are let into the central office.

“This will allow to open the doors all at once, shut all the doors or lock all the doors at the same time, and open individual doors that we need to. We’ll also be able to track who comes in and out of the building,” said Walhout.  

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