New Traverse City Technology Changes The Game For Winter Athletes

For many Northern Michigan athletes, training during the winter can be challenging.

Now new simulation technology at Traverse City gym, Elite Fitness North, is making those winter practices a whole lot easier.

It’s technology that hasn’t been available anywhere around Northern Michigan.

That’s why Traverse City baseball trainer, Greg Blanco says he saw the need for this and wanted to change the way Northern Michigan athletes train during the colder months; “The opportunity for kids up here to be able to train with something like this is very rare. HitTrax is the only indoor hitting simulator and what it does is it’s got three infrared cameras on there and it’s positioned in front of the plate so that it can sense the ball coming in it can also sense it coming out.”

The simulator then takes that data and turns it into results.

Blanco says, “So as soon as you hit the ball its gonna give you the distance it went, how hard you hit it off the bat the angle you took to hit it and  it will also keep the stats.”

Baseballs players from the Traverse Bay Area are loving this game changing technology.

Traverse City High School Senior, Jordan Ruckle says, “Now we can actually see where we’re hitting the balls and you can hit it in the gaps verses like right to one of the players then you know where to hit the ball and where the openings are and stuff.”

Because as Greg says we all know how long winter can last around here, “Here in Northern Michigan with the winters here and stuff like that high school seasons are maybe three months tops.”

This new technology is helping to level the playing field.

“This allows kids to come here in the winter time and have the same training effect as kids in Florida or Texas or Georgia,” says Blanco.

“With this now we can actually track everything and we can start creating hitters that I think can play at the college level.”

The gym is also offering indoor hitting leagues where kids can play full baseball games on the simulator year round.