Haring Township Board Passes Ordinance Letting Fire Department Bill For Services

A new ordinance on the books in a local community.

If you are a non-resident, you will soon be footing the bill for the fire department’s services.

The ordinance unanimously passed at the Haring Township Board meeting.

This covers overuse of fire alarms, negligence, and car accidents with injuries.

It will soon bring in more money for the fire department.

"Incur some of the costs we have that the department has in using some of the equipment we have on cars, house fires, things like that," said Captain Nate McConnell.

In 30 days people living outside of Haring Township will have their insurance companies billed if the fire department responds.

"Fire department equipment is expensive nowadays and to maintain it is a large portion of the taxes for Haring Township. This fire department does not rely on a millage we run solely off the general fund," Nate said.

The money would go toward keeping up on that expensive equipment.

"This is just one of the ways we can try to get money from the users of our system, like car accidents things like that so they are paying for it rather than taxpayers as a whole," said Nate.

People living around Haring Township, understanding why the department wants the extra funds.

"I can understand why the fire department would want money from insurance companies if it’s not a citizen from Haring Twp. using their services," said Ashley Lagrow.

Even still, Ashley Lagrow sees both sides, and how it could put some people in a bind in an already tight spot.

"I guess if I was in that situation and I didn’t have insurance then I would probably not support it and it seems like it could put a lot of people in a really tough place," she said.