Traverse City Festivals Bring Customers To Local Businesses

It’s was busy weekend in Traverse City, meaning plenty of customers for local businesses and it’s all thanks to two big events.

This weekend was the 8th annual Microbrew and Music Festival and the annual North American VASA race.

Because of the influx of people in town for the events, restaurants say they were crowded with people coming in for a bite to eat.

The Blue Tractor restaurant in Traverse City says they were packed throughout the day on Saturday.

The restaurant says having both the VASA races and Microbrew Festival on the same weekend is a great way to bring people to Traverse City in the winter. 

“You see that down turn in business during the week and it’s tough to get people in here during the week, but Saturday’s generally there is something going on in the Traverse City area. This area has done a great job doing a lot of events throughout the winter and it does really help out this restaurant,” says Nathan Kohler, manager.