9th Circuit Court Refuses To Reinstate President Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban

The heated battle over President Trump’s executive order on immigration has come to a standstill, after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals announced its ruling.

The president’s executive order, which temporarily put a halt on travel from seven primarily Muslim countries, has been on the chopping block since last Friday when a Washington state judge ruled to have the order lifted nationwide.

Since then, it’s been an ongoing battle to determine whether or not the order should be reinstated.

But Thursday, a panel of judges decided unanimously to uphold the suspension of the temporary travel ban, stating that the government did not give evidence proving that anyone from the countries on the list had committed a terror attack on U.S. soil.

Trump responded to the ruling on Twitter:

The Justice Department is reviewing the decision and considering its options.

Though President Trump has said he is willing to take this issue all the way to the Supreme Court.