People Helping People: Mount Pleasant Kitchen Gives Back

People who are hungry can get a free meal at the Isabella County Soup Kitchen Monday through Saturday, but what about Sundays?

A local hot spot is working with the kitchen to fill those empty stomachs.

Pat Spence is a regular at the Isabella County Soup Kitchen.

She and others depend on open meals to get them through the week that is until Sundays-

Owner of Mount Pleasant’s Max and Emily’s, Tim Brockman says, “I just realized that our soup kitchen which does a fantastic job in town was actually serving about 100 people a day and then all of a sudden there was no place for these people to eat on a Sunday.”

That’s where Max and Emily’s comes into play.

“Myself and my wife we started talking about different things we could do and my staff here and so we just came up with the idea of why don’t we feed people ourselves on Sunday,” says Tim.

And so they did.

Those in need get a ticket at the soup kitchen during the week and bring it to Max and Emily’s on Sundays.

Pat shares, “Oh the meals are good, you get some pretty dog on good sandwiches out of there. You get sandwiches, a lot of times you get soups, potato chips, apples and the sandwiches, you figure a small sandwich these are big ham sandwiches!”

But Tim isn’t stopping with keeping people fed, he says he wants to make sure they’re clean too; “It came to my attention that a couple loads of laundry can cost up to $20. Well that’s a lot if you need help, people need clean clothes.”

It’s clear this local hot spot is making a difference, but their motto says it all, “Our motto is we’re just people helping people,” says Tim.

“That’s the kind of stuff that make a community a community and make it a great place to live and Mount Pleasant is a great place to live.”

People Helping People is a movement Tim would love to eventually see all local businesses taking part in.

If you’d like to get involved click here.