Mount Pleasant Sidewalks Ordinance Creating Slippery Situations

Some Northern Michigan sidewalks are becoming safety hazards, covered in snow and ice.

The city of Mount Pleasant does not require residential property owners to clear their sidewalks and that’s causing some safety issues.

The snow and ice regulation was set in the mid-90s out of convenience for downtown business owners who had a morning commute from out of town.

Today, the ordinance is causing problems for locals who frequent the icy sidewalks.

Dog Walker Emma Currie says, “It’s a little difficult when people don’t clear their sidewalks or I genuinely walk in the road for that reason and I have three dogs. Obviously with the sidewalks they are uneven so if there is patches of ice or snow on there it does get a little bit treacherous.”

Current city rules only require landlords to clear sidewalks on private property.