Cadillac High School Plans Gold Rush Raffle to Benefit Aspiring Student Athletes

Cadillac High School is planning something new this year to help young students get their first experiences in sports.

And someone could win $10,000 doing it.

It’s called the Millionaire Gold Rush Raffle.

The Vikings Boosters were looking at ways to help Cadillac Junior High students compete in sports.

On top of a chance to win $10,000 and other raffle baskets, participants will be treated to illusionist Tom Coverly.

If all tickets get sold, Junior High students in 7th and 8th grade could try a new sport for free.

"We want kids to have the opportunity to try something that they’ve never tried before and because there is a price with it, they may not try that opportunity or may not be able to afford that opportunity,” said Rich Giddens, Cadillac High Schools assistant principal and athletic director. "This way, by giving to the junior high school programs, they are hoping to reduce that fee significantly."

The Gold Rush Raffle is set for Feb. 25.

Tickets cost $100 each, which could raise $20,000 for CAPS athletics.

You can find more information at the CAPS web page.