Harbor Springs Veteran Offers Free Rides To Wounded Warriors

For many veterans who suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) they find peace in exploring nature, but what about wounded warriors who are more limited in their mobility?

Steve Adelaine physically retired from active war duty in 1968, but as is the case for many Vietnam vets, even after Steve left the war, he says the war never truly left him; “It’s been 50 years and I still struggle.”

Today, Steve volunteers at Harbor Spring’s Pond Hill Farm working on the trails.

“It’s very therapeutic to me and that’s why I volunteer,” says Steve.

“The woods to me is very very beautiful. A lot of Veterans will know what I’m talking about to get out in the woods and enjoy it.”

But how can veterans with mobile disabilities enjoy these trails?

Enter Griz.

Griz is Steve’s fully enclosed, heated ATV Groomer that allows Steve to take fellow vets who are handicapped out into the woods.

Steve explains, “It’s just real important for me to give these people who can’t put on skis like us, or snowshoes, to take them on a ride in the woods and show them what the woods is like.”

And when out with Steve, the groomer says front seat riders receive the full backwoods experience, “I can take them across two streams, two little bridges we built, a pond and I can take them up on the hard woods on a big bridge where they can see Lake Michigan from here and I can take them down in the swamp which is absolutely beautiful.”

Steve leaves his fellow vets with one final message, “If you think that going out in the wilderness like I do almost every morning would help you in anyway please come to the farm and I will take you out there and enjoy it with you

If you’d like to set up a ride with Steve the farm simply asks you e-mail ahead of time so they can prepare.