Charlevoix County Man Bound Over For Trial, Accused of Trying to Hit Deputies with Truck

"His intention was not to hurt the officer," defense attorney Bryan Klawuhn said.

A Charlevoix County man was back in court Tuesday, accused of trying to run down deputies with his truck.

A deputy shot him.

Deputies say Steve Martin showed up when his son, Jared Martin, was getting pulled over for driving on a flat tire.

Charlevoix County deputies determined Jared was driving drunk when they pulled him over in Hayes Twp. in October and tased him when he started resisting.

Steve Martin had pulled up and was watching from a distance, but then deputies say he started driving his truck at them.

Jared took a plea for resisting arrest and operating while intoxicated.

He is expected to be sentenced later.

Steve is now facing charges for assault with intent to murder, resisting arrest and being a habitual offender.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik have the update on the deputy-involved shooting. 

Steve Martin was scheduled to have a preliminary examination in court Tuesday to determine if there was enough evidence to bind him over for trial, but he chose to waive that right. 

"We felt it was going to be bound over because it is a question of fact for a jury," Klawuhn said. 

Steve Martin’s attorney says his client holds firm that he was not trying to run his truck at Charlevoix County deputies that day.

"He was trying to keep cars from coming up See Rd. His son was tased," Klawuhn said. "He was worried that something bad could happen and he just didn’t want cars coming up and possibly hitting his son." 

The intense body cam video from that night shows a deputy firing at Steve multiple times.

The Charlevoix County Sheriff, Chuck Vondra, says it’s a situation they never want to be in and it could have been deadly.

"You never want that to happen, but there was a dangerous situation," Sheriff Vondra said. "It was dangerous for a lot of people. It’s very unfortunate." 

Sheriff Vondra is thankful both deputies have been cleared from criminal charges and hopes the case can come to a resolution soon. 

"It drives home the seriousness and the dangers that these guys go through," Vondra said.

"We’ve already seen it all," Klawuhn said. "There’s nothing today that was going to really change."

Martin’s court date has not been scheduled yet.