Traverse City Nonprofit Uses Craft Beverages To Better Community

With the pull of a tap, a new nonprofit is making a difference in its community.

Traverse City’s Pour For More is using craft beverage sales to raise money for charity.

Tina Schuetts making a career brewing beer and spreading the word about her new nonprofit Pour For More.

Tina explains, “You take one beverage, you increase the price by a dollar so really the consumers doing the giving and we’re just facilitating the fundraising.”

And as Tina explains those one dollar price increases aren’t coming from beer alone, “Once we came up with the name we realized it could also include things besides breweries so we have wineries and coffee places, any craft beverage is what we’re including now.”

The micro scale donations are making macro changes in the community and this month traverse area district library is benefiting.

Traverse Area District Library Director, Gil Parsons says they’re using the donations to help further the children’s department, “One of the bay’s in the department has been slated for development as an early literacy center for preschool children and we’ve been sort of softly raising funds for that over the last year and a half and so this will give us a big jump on that.”

The library isn’t the only local benefactor.

Pour For More shares the wealth with 12 charities.

“We take the 12 and divide it up evenly and distribute it quarterly to them,” says Tina.

“So there’s always, everyone’s getting an equal share but we do focus on one nonprofit a month so that everybody gets a time in the spotlight.”

Tina says all the work is done in hopes of giving back some small percentage of what the community has always given to them, “So to us an extra buck is nothing but when you compound that with everybody doing a little bit it’s causing big change in the community.”

Pour For More holds events with its featured charity throughout the month.

For more information on how to help click here.