Senate Democrats Hold The Floor Protesting DeVos’ Confirmation

Democrats are making waves on Capitol Hill.

They plan to protest the potential confirmation of Michigan native Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary in President Trump’s cabinet.

Democratic Michigan U.S. senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow are now weighing in on the battle to defend the position from DeVos.

"I will be standing with the people of Michigan and I once again call on my colleagues to join the bipartisan opposition to Mrs. DeVos’ nomination. Our children’s futures depend on it – for their sake, vote no," says Senator Gary Peters.

Senator Debbie Stabenow adds, "We know as democrats we don’t have the vote to stop these nominations by ourselves. But people, parents, teachers and community leaders across the country have power and are weighing in.”

DeVos has been criticized for her voucher programs and her support of school of choice.

Meanwhile, supporters are saying she’ll be able to shake things up.

“Yes, she has no official experience but she has invested the last 28 years of her life in improving public education,” says South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Democrats will try to hold the floor until the vote at noon Tuesday, hoping to draw enough attention to the issue to derail DeVos’ nomination.

If it comes to a tie, Vice President Mike Pence will cast his own vote.

If that happens it will be the first time a cabinet nominee has ever been appointed with a tie breaker decision.