MidMichigan Medical Center – Mt. Pleasant Debuts Next Generation Look

A local medical center is debuting its new look this week.

MidMichigan Medical Center – Mt. Pleasant opens doors to its new additions this week with new rooms designed to change the way patients view their emergency room experience.

MidMichigan-Mt. Pleasant Nurse Manager, RN MSN Ryan Thatcher says, “Hospitals never gonna feel like a home it’s not gonna be home, but it could feel like a hotel so it’s almost like a little vacation, no one ever wants to go on this vacation, but we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for them.

So how do you make a hospital room feel more comfortable?

One way the hospital does it is by hiding short stay unit clinical equipment that only 25%  percent of patients even need.

Mother of the emergency room’s first patient, Veronica Brunetti says steps to make the hospital more relaxing are working, “It’s just I think for kids it’s scary to go to the hospital they’re unsure of what’s gonna happen so it’s nice to have the comfort amenities. I think it just makes it more comfortable and a little less scary.”

The comfortable extensions include a 24 hour ER Department, large short stay units, and more state of the art rooms and amenities

“We picked out very high quality stew case furniture and it is all anti-microbial it is easy to wash Those were very important things to us so we weren’t spreading germs,” says Thatcher.

The new rooms come with a new way of doing business as well.

Thatcher says the medical center will be offering patients immediate bedding when available, “You’re literally going to walk in and if there is an empty bed in the back you’re literally going to give the registration nurse your name and a brief reason why you’re here and be escorted right to the back.”

The modern rooms and technology are all put in place with hopes of beginning a new way of doctor-to-patient service.

“This is the next generation medical center really we wanted to go above and beyond what people are accustomed to,” says Thatcher.

The medical center is also adding a new retail pharmacy and heart and vascular suite to its building this fall.