House Explosion In Osceola Co, Man Tried To Light Water Heater

Windows blown out.

A door found yards away from the house.

Osceola County deputies say this house exploded when the homeowner tried to light his water heater.

The man who lives in the trailer is now out of the hospital, recovering from his injuries.

Osceola County deputies say the trailer exploded Wednesday night in Rose Lake Township.

When deputies got to the scene they found windows blown out and a door several yards away from the home.

Deputies say the man tried to light a water heater when the explosion happened.

Maveric Mechanical in Cadillac says you need to take certain steps before trying to light a gas appliance.

“Call a qualified person or company that has experience with that, with the proper tools and equipment and the proper know-how to safely do it. Gas isn’t something you want to mess around with, it’s dangerous,” Eli Hoffert, owner of Maveric Mechanical said.

Eli also recommends getting an inspection done once a year on your gas appliances to make sure you won’t have an issue down the road.