Cadillac Photographer Gives Back Over Seas

A Cadillac photographer just returned home to Northern Michigan after spending a week helping kids in the Dominican Republic.

The Lifetouch photographer traveled to the Caribbean to give children in other countries an opportunity we often take for granted.

“It was an amazing experience, words are hard to describe the experience we had there,” but for a man who preserves images, words aren’t always necessary.

Photographer Brian Brinks spent a week working in the Dominican Republic.

It’s something Brian says Lifetouch photography does every year; “Starting in 2000 Lifetouch started going on memory mission trips and we go to other countries and build hope for kids in other countries.”

This year’s group was made up of Lifetouch members and educators from all over the United States and Canada.

Brian says, “We went down there with a group of about 55 people and last year the group that went started the first floor of the school this year we worked on the second floor of the school.”

The new school will give children a chance at education that otherwise they would have to go without.

“There’s a little one room school house there right now so a few kids in the community can go to school, with this new school we’ll be able to eventually have up to 200 kids going to school there,” says Brian.

But a school wasn’t the only thing the crew was building, they formed a lot of close relationships as well.

Near the end of the trip Brian had the chance to do something for his new friends, give them an experience they’ve never had done before.

He took their picture.

“On Monday we handed the school pictures out and it was a really special time because you could see mothers just hugging the pictures of their kids and kids with big smiles on their face,” says Brian.

While Brian left the Dominican community with a new school and supplies, he says what they gifted him with in return, is priceless; “The big thing that I learned is how it doesn’t matter how much we have we can be happy, those people have nothing but they’re so happy and they’re faith is so strong it’s really cool.”

The school Brian and his group worked on will open this March.

If you’d like to give to the children and families Lifetouch works with click here.