Northern Michigan Gains National Attention For Organic Foods

California’s annual Good Food Awards had more than 2,000 entries this Winter and this week, these two Northern Michigan products both came home with a win.

One of the winners is Honor Michigan’s Food For Thought for their Blueberry Lavender Organic Preserves.

Owner Tim Young says, “We focus very heavily on creating not only organic and very good quality, specialty foods but also with a real focus on sustainability and how we impact not only the planet but the people.

The business also puts a great deal of focus specifically on farmers and making sure they are treated right in the food making process.

“We’ve always grown the organic lavender right here on our farm and then the only other ingredient is fair trade organic sugar,” says Young.

The Good Food Awards are a perfect fit for not only Young’s preserves, but as he says for many Northern Michigan businesses that focus on making clean food and supporting their communities; “Northwest Michigan was probably the most represented region in the country there which says a lot about where we live and how we look at our food system here.”

An additional company recognized at the show was Traverse City’s Higher Grounds coffee recognized for their Ethiopian roast.

The coffee is not only organic, but fair trade as well.

Karin Thompson is the Head Roster at Higher Grounds who says, “I think because of our mission and working hand in hand with the farmers and promoting sustainability and the quality in the cup and starting with the farmers.”

When it comes to making good food the right way, Northern Michigan has their eye on the prize.

“This is about making preserves and other specialty foods in a way that we impact everybody and the planet fairly from the seed in the ground to the consumer that’s tasting the product and everyone in between,” says Young.

Both the award winner preserves and coffee are available for purchase at their stores.

Food For Thought and Higher Grounds weren’t alone in representing Northern Michigan at the awards.

Additional Northern Michigan prize winners are Mawby, Bear Creek Organic HoneyAmerican Spoon as well as Fresh Coast Chocolate Co.