Otsego County Veteran Honored for Helping Other Veterans Before Sixth Deployment

“When I retired from the police department I kind of wanted to do something with veterans.”

Colonel Joe Marsiglia has been helping his community for decades. From more than 25 years as a police officer, deploying overseas five times and most recently helping local veterans in need.

“He cares about the veteran. He does whatever it takes to really take care of that veteran and brings resources and puts together whatever that package may be,” Melodie Linebaugh, Homeless Programs Manager for NMCAA said.

After retiring from the Gaylord Police Department about three years ago, Colonel Marsiglia started working for the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency, helping more than 70 veteran families with housing services.

That’s an extremely rewarding job to help make that linkage for them and get them off the street if that, get them into healthcare systems and get them into work,” Marsiglia said.

But Colonel Marsiglia will soon have to leave NMCAA to go on a sixth deployment, this time to Afghanistan as a medical service corps officer.

NMCAA and Senator Jim Stamas honored him today for his service to the community and country.

“We’re behind him, well miss him here but well get along and hopefully he comes back and gets back on the team,” Dave Ransom, Housing Resource Manager for NMCAA said.

“It’s humbling it truly is. There’s a lot more people out there than just me doing this and I couldn’t do that without that support network,” Marsiglia said.

Colonel Marsiglia expects to deploy in March.

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