Lake Ann Sees 15 Inches of Snow in 24 Hours

The snow over the past day has people busy shoveling and plowing.

Areas like Lake Ann got more than a foot of snow in 24 hours.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson continue our team weather coverage with more snow in the forecast.

With 15 fresh inches of snow on the ground, everyone in Lake Ann is grabbing their shovel and starting up their plow.

“Woke up to the phone call with school being canceled and surprised because I was only expecting one to two inches,” says Philip Wysocki. “So we’re trying to get it all cleaned up.”

It’s not a day off for Philip Wysocki and his daughter. They are hard at work clearing more than a foot of snow.

“With the lake effect it just seems to be this is one of the areas that does get dropped on,” Wysocki says. “Normally I get out right away to try and clean it up, but today I was a little slower. Had a couple cups of coffee and made sure the sun was up and then I got clearing. It’s not so bad with the machine I got. I’m able to get through it. Usually takes me about an hour to get everything cleared up here.”

The Wysocki’s aren’t the only ones.

After a slow two weeks, plow drivers are back out in full force.

“Days like today it’ll be a 15-16 hour day,” says Derek Roelofs.

Derek Roelofs has been out plowing since 2 Monday morning.

“This snow is not too bad because it’s cold enough. It’s light and fluffy and moves good,” Roelofs says. “If we would have gotten 15" at 30 or 32 degrees, it would have been very hard on the equipment because it gets so much heavier.”

It’s a lot of work, and when it’s done, it’s time to have fun.

“We’re going to go to the post office, mail some packages and then be off to the trails and do some snowshoeing,” Wysocki says. “Get out and enjoy what we can do here in Northern Michigan."