Iraqi Parliament Passes ‘Reciprocity Measure’ in Response to US Ban

The Iraqi Parliament has approved what they’re calling a "reciprocity measure" in response to President Trump’s latest executive order on immigration.

The President signed an order to temporarily ban citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations, including Iraq, from entering the U.S. while visa programs are reviewed.

Early Monday morning, the Iraqi Parliament passed a measure of their own, hitting Americans with a ban from entering Iraq.

Donald Trump’s executive order, which his administration is calling the rule a minor inconvenience in the face of safety, has prompted protests across the U.S.

As a result, an untold number of travelers have been held in a legal limbo at airports nationwide.

Now, some top republicans are showing concern over how quickly this order went into effect, claiming that Homeland Security and the Justice Department were not consulted about it before the decision was made.

President Trump released a statement arguing that the order is not a ban against Muslims, and is only temporary until more secure vetting policies can be put in place.

Senate and House democrats plan to hold a news conference Monday night to voice their opposition to the order.