Ogemaw County Commissioners Approve Millage Election For MSU Extension

After large public outcry, the Ogemaw County Board of Commissioners has approved a special millage election for their local MSU Extension office.

Thursday night, Ogemaw County commissioners decided to move ahead with a special election in August that could turn the situation around, with one condition: the money to fund the election will have to be raised by May.

Commissioners decided on the special millage election at their meeting in West Branch.

It’s a process that started when a Headlee Restoration Millage failed on the ballot last November.

MSU Extension was one of many other departments facing big cuts due to budget issues.

Now, the extension is pushing for its own survival, but the election could cost more than $35,000.

“Without 4-H, they wouldn’t be where they are today,” says Marjorie Taylor, a resident of Ogemaw County. “They’re very productive people in society. But it was a whole community who made them who they are, and that’s everybody in this room."

The friends of MSU Extension group must raise and pay the remaining money to the Ogemaw County treasurer by May 1, or risk losing the opportunity for their millage to be voted on.