Traverse City High School Students Art Fair Gives Back to Community

Giving back to a community that has given so much.

It’s what students at Traverse City High School did Thursday evening.

Maverick Minds All Arts Fair: A night to showcase the talents of Traverse City High School students.

Displays of artwork, a dinner, and music performances brought more than 200 people together Thursday night.

The school says they’ve benefited from countless acts of support.

“They do so much for us and I don’t think we give them enough credit,” says Cira Washkevich, a senior at Traverse City High School.

Donna Stowe-Novak the project director at Traverse City High School’s Community Learning Center agrees. She says, “You can’t even imagine the support that our community gives to our students and so we need to say thank you back and our students are incredibly talented so we though what better way than to have an all arts fair.”

TCAPS started the alternative high school seventeen years ago.