Update: Three Wisconsin Residents Arrested After High Speed Chase, Crime Spree

We can now show you the three people accused of stealing a truck and leading police on a chase.

Cheboygan County deputies arrested Kensey Kaseno, Norman Kasten and Rachel Greenwood Wednesday night.

A deputy tried to pull the three over on I-75, just south of the Mackinac Bridge.

But they say the driver took off, going faster than 100 miles per hour at times.

The chase ended when they took off on the ice of Mullet Lake.

In the truck, deputies say they found meth making materials and several stolen guns.

The three from Wisconsin are now facing a slew of meth-related and firearm charges.

Kaseno and Kasten also face charges for resisting police.


A high speed chase took police all over Cheboygan County Wednesday night.

Deputies believe they were able to end a two state crime spree.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff says it started when they got a Be On The Look Out for a stolen white truck from Wisconsin.

A deputy saw it on I-75 just south of the bridge and tried to pull it over, but the driver didn’t stop. 

The chase reached speeds of more than 100 mph as the truck went from Riggsville Rd. to M-27.

They took M-27 down into Indian River, then went back up north on M-27.

The truck pulled off at a seasonal home on Liberty Point Dr. on Mullett Lake.

Two men and one woman from Wisconsin ditched the truck and ran onto the lake.

Deputies were able to catch all three.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik show the intense chase from police dash cam video with details on the other serious crimes police believe they were responsible for. 

The Cheboygan County Sheriff says the chase reached speeds of over 100 mph, but they were finally able to catch the three suspects when they tried to cross Mullet Lake on foot.

Two of them stopped not far from shore, but one actually made it all the way across before deputies could catch them. 

"It is amazing that this individual made it across that lake without falling into open water," Cheboygan County Sheriff Dale Clarmont said.

Sheriff Clarmont says this chase was incredibly dangerous.

With the high speeds and snowy conditions, the truck actually slid off the road during the chase.

Investigators think the crimes started well before the chase.

"We believe that this crime spree started in the state of Wisconsin, continued through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and ended here in Cheboygan County," Sheriff Clarmont said. 

Police believe the trio stole the truck in Mellen, Wisconsin, broke into buildings across the Upper Peninsula and stole several guns. 

Inside the truck deputies discovered what they think was a mobile meth lab.

Tony Naylor lives a few doors down from where the three stopped.

He heard all the police commotion Wednesday night.

"It was one, two, three pretty quickly and you don’t often hear more than one," Naylor said. "That’s when I looked out to check and see what’s going on." 

Naylor is thankful the three suspects were caught.

"I’m glad it was taken care of and we don’t have any visitors in the night," Naylor said.

The three suspects are expected to be formally charged in court Friday.