Michigan Businesses Cope With Mid-Winter Warm Up

People in Michigan are catching spring fever with our recent warm weather, but it certainly isn’t good for everyone.

Michigan’s recent above average temperatures are both good and bad for local businesses.

For Cadillac Utilities team, Utilities Director, Jeff Dietlin says, they’ve been a plus, “Usually at this time of year we might have three to six inches of ice over top a lot of the stuff so if you have to get into a man hole you have to remove that ice.”

Fire hydrants are another point of access now cleared. usually covered in snow and ice  during winter, these safety tools are now fire department ready.

“It’s easier to access stuff if you get a little wet from your equipment you use when you clean out the sewers you know you’re not getting cold as quick.” Says Dietlin.

However, it’s a different story for some businesses that depend on the snow, although others are faring better than you might think.

Caberfae Mountain Manager, Tim Meyer says, “It really doesn’t affect us as bad as you think the worst part of it I think is that people don’t wanna come out and they should because we have great snow,”

Because even though snow in your backyard is gone, ski resorts have been building theirs for months.

“We basically go out and make all that snow early season and throughout the season when it’s cold so that when we get this warm weather we have plenty of snow,” says Meyer.

Every Michigan weather shift comes with its ups and downs, but Meyer says businesses in our four season state, stand prepared; “It might not be the perfect weather but we still have snow. We’re out here and it’s good and you know come on out and ski and enjoy it.”

Temperatures for this month have been about five to ten degrees above average so far, but the Doppler 9 and 10 Weather Team says things are looking chillier for the rest of the week.